What is Household E-Waste?

Electrical and electronic appliances which are not in use by the original user and don’t bring any value to the user. For example a personal computer, TV, radio, refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioner, printer, mobile phone, DVD/ VCD player, mobile phone battery and etc.

Why Do We Need to Recycle It? It gives an adverse impact on human health and the environment. For instance,

  • Electroplating process involved in computer circuits manufacturing uses several types of heavy metal;

  • Computer chip production involves the usage of chemicals such as organic & inorganic acids and solvents.

All these substances are affecting human health as well as damaging the environment. Therefore, it requires a proper disposal method and management.

Scheduled Waste (SW110)

In Malaysia, e-waste is listed as one of the scheduled wastes with the code SW110 under Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005, Environmental Quality Act 1974 because it exhibits the characteristics such as ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity.

Facility list

Give Used Glass Containers a New Life

It has been over five years since recycling centres in Penang stopped accepting glass containers. However, there is a way to recycle the used glass containers now! South Zest Sdn. Bhd. is buying back used glass containers to be crushed and sent to Bangkok, Thailand as a raw material for new glass containers.

Please send your glass containers (less than 1 Tonne) to the following recycling centres:

Please contact South Zest Sdn. Bhd. for bulk quantity pick-up service (1 Tonne & above only):

Address: MK4, 844, Jalan Besar, 13500 Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Tel: 04-397 2977

Email: Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Only F&B glass containers are acceptable, e.g: food jar, drinking bottle, vitamin bottle and etc. 

  2. Strictly not accept glass containers contaminated with chemicals, pesticides and/ or poisons.

  3. Used glass containers must be in CLEAN and DRY condition.

  4. Broken glass container is acceptable BUT IT MUST BE SEPARATED into colors (clear/ amber brown/ green) accordingly.

  5. Packaging of glass containers: paper bag/ box (small quantity) and gunny sack (bulk quantity).

Styrofoam/ Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), Expanded Polypropylene (EPP), Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) Recycling

Raw material supplies available:

  1. Packaging materials for the factory's incoming Work In Progress (WIP) parts & packaging materials for factory's outgoing products.

  2. Packaging materials for household electronic appliances.

  3. Fish Boxes from supermarkets, hypermarkets and frozen food factories.

  4. Container insulation sheet to insulate containers from heat during transportation.

  5. Containerization material to secure bulk & heavy materials inside container during transportation.

Rejection criteria of raw materials:

  1. Materials that are contaminated with paints & colouring materials.

  2. Materials that are contaminated with glues & adhesives.

  3. Materials that are exposed to wood dusts, oil & grease.

Recycle EPS, EPP & EPE resins can be used to make new products such as:

  1. Picture frames

  2. Clothes hanger

  3. Plastic container

  4. Buckets

  5. Calendars

  6. Plastic forks & spoons

  7. Plastic packaging

Benefits of recycling EPS:

  1. Divert end of life waste from landfill as they are lack of initiatives are being taken to recycle EPS due to economic factor.

  2. Improvement of company corporate profile via recycling initiative.

  3. Cost saving for plastic industry through usage of both virgin resins & recycle resins for products.

Please contact Porlywing Asia (M) Sdn. Bhd.:

Address: 433, Mukim 6, Jalan Pengkalan, Bukit Tengah, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.

Tel: 04-507 7753

Fax: 04-507 2769

Turn Used Cooking into Biodiesel

You can make a difference by converting your 'daily-produced' used cooking oil into biodiesel! It's believed to be the best solution for used cooking oil in large quantity. You may send your used cooking oil (less than 500kg/ 1 Tonne) to the following buyback centres:- For bulk quantity pick-up service (1 Tonne & above only), please contact: Engineered Products & Services Sdn Bhd Eternature Sdn Bhd Fatbusta Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd Sustainable BioFuels Malaysia Sdn Bhd Terms & Conditions:-

  1. The used cooking oil must be FREE from any sludge and water.

  2. Minimum pick-up quantity is 500 kg - 1 Tonne.

  3. Pick-up service upon prior arrangement only.

  4. All the services and its related costs/ profits are subject to both parties (you and the buyback centres stated above) and Penang Green Council (PGC Strategies Sdn Bhd) shall not be held responsible for any dealings made.