Our Planet Review: The most impactful documentary of Nature

“Our Planet” is definitely one of the most highly recommended documentary series that I would recommend everyone to watch and to appreciate. It is a British nature documentary series made for Netflix in the year 2019 with a total of 8 episodes.

Each episode covers different habitats on Earth, telling stories of various species and how they would support each other’s lives from the frozen world to forest, desert, and underwater.

This series will explore the Earth's most important habitats, and celebrate the life they still support. We will reveal what must be preserved if we are to ensure a future where humans and nature can thrive.

— David Attenborough, the narrator of "Our Planet"

Extinction often happens when all kinds of threats change the way of living for the habitants. “Our Planet” series shows the connection of each ecosystem and the relation of all habitants on this beautiful planet. When a species experiences imbalance growth or being hunt in mass, the population of that species will exceed the healthy population level or their amount would just reduce drastically, which then affects the balance of our natural ecosystem. When the ecosystem collapses because of this phenomenon, it is very difficult to restore.

It is fascinating to see how beautiful our planet is especially the underwater and the frozen world in this series. The magical moment is when we realised that human is so tiny in this world compared to nature. We are given intelligence and emotions as part of humanity to complete and serve as the guardian of the planet, but not to destroy it. We are given to power to protect, but the world is now being threatened by human activities and overconsumption. It is greed that causes our own planet destruction as time goes by.

One of the most unforgettable scenes in this series is about the mass gathering of walruses. Their natural home is on the sea ice, but due to the fact that ice has retreated away to the north and they have only one single beach at their feeding ground, all walruses have to stay on the rocky beach, fighting for a resting space in a crowded and congested situation. Some even have to climb up to the cliff just to find their own space for resting. However, these walruses are struggling and it is really heart-breaking to see them fall from the cliff and crush to death.

Same goes to the polar bears, seals, and other wild lives. Their lives are changing as they are living at the frontier of climate change. These are the one who are suffering as a consequence of how our world is changing. At the moment, we might experience any major effects of climate change, but it is happening and affecting every habitat now.

So, watch and share this amazing series by Netflix. Our planet needs everyone to rise and change right now. Because this is the most crucial decade to restore and change for a better world. If not now, then when?

As Ellie Golding sings in the ending soundtrack, We Are In This Together:

I can hear the whole world singing together I can hear the whole world sing, "It's now or never" 'Cause it's not too late if we change our ways And connect the dots to our problems I can hear the whole world sing, "We're in this together" Play it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btSDddn1Vew

Remember, in nature, nothing exists alone.

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