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Hello September! Let’s Waste No More!

In September, we celebrate two great environmental events, they are Zero Waste Week, and World Cleanup Day together with the International Coastal Cleanup Day. We would like to invite and encourage everyone who reads this to be a part of this collective global movement to create awareness and impact to our environment. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Zero Waste Week

Each year, this campaign is scheduled for the first full week of September, and this year, Zero Waste Week 2022 takes place between the 5th and 9th of September.

This is an environmental campaign aims to demonstrate the means and methods to reduce waste by fostering community support and bringing awareness to the increasing problem of environmental waste and pollution.

Therefore, practise your zero waste lifestyle in this week by doing the below:

  • Bring your own container and bottle when you go out

  • Visit a zero-waste store for groceries, fresh food or even home products like shampoo, shower gel refill.

  • Avoid any unnecessary packaging and always choose to reuse

  • Share this with your friends and family to encourage them to do the same for a week!

2. World Cleanup Day & International Coastal Cleanup Day

Is having a clean planet a dream? No, it is not, but there are so much more that we need to do to achieve this dream. Besides going zero waste to close the tap of waste, we need to cleanup whatever that is left in our environment as well.

Besides attracting pests like rats and flies, a dirty environment causes health issues such as contamination and diseases. Therefore, by cleaning up, we hope to inspire our children and citizens to generate less waste and do not litter so that we can enjoy a safer and cleaner environment and planet.

Here are what we can do in conjunction with World Cleanup Day:

  • plogging, pick up the trash you see as you walk or jog around your neighbourhood

  • join a cleanup activity and meet new friends too!

  • initiate a cleanup activity such as beach cleanup group plogging

  • invite your friends and family to be a part of this movement

This September, there are two meaningful ways that we can look into to solve waste issue in our community. Mind your trash as what comes around goes around. We wish you a wonderful and fruitful September! Let’s waste no more!



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