Before Koalas are Gone for Real…

A quick read of the 7 facts of Koalas:

1. Koalas are not bears, just Koalas.

2. Koalas can only live in Australia.

3. Koalas are marsupial mammals, warm blooded.

4. Young Koala is called as joey.

5. Mother Koala has a pouch where the cub stays in for 5 months.

6. Koala can live up to 20 years and above.

7. There are three types of koalas in Australia: the Brown koalas , the Gray koalas and the Gray-Brown koalas.

Photo credit: Craig Garrett

Although animal extinctions do not happen in one day, but the blazes in Australia have

quicken the process and made it possible for the wildlife to go endangered or even

extinct soon.

“According to the federal environment minister Sussan Ley, nearly a third of all koalas in New South Wales have died and about a third of their habitat has been destroyed due to the bush fire in Australia in December.”

Animals like koalas and kangaroos are being incinerated in flames or choking on smoke

which causes their deaths.  It is really heart breaking to see the koalas left with singed fur,

raw patches of burnt flesh, and blistered paws. Apparently, even though these poor koalas

are being rescued and treated, they will still be suffering as their injuries are simply too

extensive for them to survive.

Understanding the Real Challenge

It is not the disasters but human interference that will change the whole ecosystem.

Unsustainable development and how we destroy their habitats are the reasons why these

animals are unable to recover naturally like how they should. This also includes climate crisis

that makes the whole natural disasters worse, making it harder for the animals to recolonise

after fire.

Many do not understand how the ecosystem works, but it is clear that we all depend on each

other to live on this earth. It is all about balance, once one element is thrown off, everything

is affected. If you think that it is none of your business, it will become your children’s

business very soon.