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Holiday mode ON: From Camping to Glamping

It’s December! It means we’re entering holiday mode. Can you feel the vibes already? After 11 months of hustle and bustle of city life, it’s time to finally take a long break and reset before we enter the New Year. So, where would the next holiday destination be?

Planning a nature retreat in Malaysia is one of the most popular activities during the holidays, but not everyone is a fan of sleeping in a tent with minimal facilities. As quarantine restrictions are starting to ease and everyone just cannot wait to get back on the road, glamping has become more famous for today’s travellers. The word itself is a mashup of glamour and camping. It is a perfect activity to satisfy the need to be outdoors while also avoiding the struggles that come along with camping outside.

What makes glamping different?

Comfort level. Some may book a glamping getaway and some may opt to DIY glamping so each experience will be unique. In Malaysia, amenities and facilities can differ between glamping accommodations. Some may have Wi-Fi, daily cleaning services, full meals, and lodging. Others may only provide breakfast with options to add on meals. On the other hand, DIY glamping can be as simple as adding a bigger tent, gourmet cooking, little decorations, and a comfy mattress. It is also a great way to introduce a new camper outdoor or for a celebration.

Surrounded by lush tropical jungles and serene rivers, there are many glamping spots in Malaysia to discover with your loved ones. Here are some of the best places that you can check out!

1. Gopeng Glamping Park, Perak

Surrounded by nature, this park offers an ideal and unique experience amidst the stunning views of nature. This place is perfect for your romantic stay, weekend gathering with friends and family, team building, parties, retreats, and festivals. It assures you the friendliest hospitality at the comfort of your home. Check out for more information.

2. Dusun Bonda

It all begins with the owner’s love for nature and then came the idea of a family sanctuary, a perfect place for family quality time. The owner, Azura builds Dusun Bonda to create childhood memories for her daughter and hopes that everyone can revisit their childhood memories at Dusun Bonda. Check out for more information.

3. Glamz at Genting, Pahang

The most unique feature of this glamping site is the use of spacious domes. These domes are massive which can hold a queen-size bed and a hammock. The Glamz experience is less adventurous but more about taking a deep breath of fresh air. Check out for more information.

4. Tadom Hill Resort, Selangor

Located just 45 mins away from KL lays a bamboo haven! The signature design of this resort is that it’s all made of bamboo. This place has a variety of outdoor and accommodation activities that will perfectly suit couples, families and even solo travellers. Check out for more information.

5. Time Capsule Retreat, Sg Lembing, Pahang

This glamping spot hosts tiny little “capsule” shaped rooms placed around its vast land. It’s a perfect getaway destination for couples who want to simply relax and be with nature. Check out for more information.


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