Earth Day 2021: What can we do?

It is not something new or unfamiliar. We heard about this day every year. This meaningful day is now observed around the world albeit under a different name. Some country calls it International Mother Earth Day. The fight for a cleaner environment continues with increasing urgency as climate change issues become more apparent every day.

It’s a perfect time to remember and protect the Earth, also commit to making changes. In most years, Earth Day events usually range from river clean-ups to various physical programs. However, with social distancing still in place for all of us now, Earth Day has gone digital. Visit to see a full catalogue of virtual events, lectures, and films.

So, what else can we do at home?

No TV day – Plan a family picnic with the family, go for a walk for some quality time. Social distancing doesn’t mean that you cannot go outside and enjoy nature, as long as you do so responsibly. Nature is not canceled!

Switch it off – Turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use. Do it together with your family, each time they forget to switch off, give them sort of a penalty and see how this can develop the habit.

Buy more local products – Visit your nearest farmer’s market to buy groceries and plan a family dinner cooking the locally sourced ingredients

Fix leaks – Do a water audit with your kids and teach them how to tighten the faucet.

Start a compost bin – Feed your soil and plants with a good amount of compost while helping to reduce waste. Set up your first bin together (link to Food Composting 101 blog)

How about at work?

Work from home day – Special for Earth Day, go outside the office norm and work from home, you’ll save lots of energy in the process.

Use less paper – Encourage employees to do a double-sided printing

Arrange carpool day – Start with a single day devoted to Earth Day, and encourage employees to try it more often

Power down – Shut down computers completely when a person is not on the for more than 2 hours.

Switch to reusable coffee cups – Give everyone in the office a company-branded mug for Earth Day to reinforce the message

In Pre-schools & Primary Schools

Make a Bird Feeder – Use recycling items like toilet paper rolls, milk cartons, and empty water bottles as educational material.

Lunch Bag decoration – Setting up a few days a week to let the children bring reusable lunch bags, let them decorate it according to their likings to get them excited to lunch boxes every day.

Scavenger hunt – Give them magnifying glass to help them identify and learn about different plants, trees, flowers, and insects.

Trash to Treasure – Encourage them to bring recyclable items and challenge their creativity to create art projects with the items

Secondary Schools

Contests – Challenge students by creating a contest to find the best ideas to improve schools green efforts

Virtual Field Trips – You can go farther than you could on a school bus. Save energy by exploring the planet virtually and understand global environmental issues.

Invite Experts – Host environmental talk and get experts to be involved. Let the students actively participate in the discussion

Set up a school Green Committee – If the school doesn’t have it yet, create one. Discuss with the students monthly to find ways that help to create a better environment for the school.

Although this year may be different, it’s not an excuse for us to not doing anything. Each of us can and should play our role. Every day is Earth Day; a clean, safe and peaceful environment should not be taken into granted. The Earth is in a critical condition right now, act now before it’s too late. Let’s Restore Our Earthtogether.