Virtual Green Map – Blue Belt 2020

Fun Fact 1: Do you know water by itself can be recycled from a few processes? Imagine the water that you use today is the same water that our ancestors use million years ago.

Fun Fact 2: Every product we consume contains virtual water. What is virtual water? It is the volume of water used to produce consumer products from processing, packaging, and shipping. Basically, there will always be hidden water behind a product.

Last month, PGC organized our very first Virtual Green Map – Blue Belt 2020 in collaboration with Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP). This program provides a learning platform for the public to gain knowledge via fun excursion. The objectives of this program are to promote knowledge acquisition through fun virtual visitation and to instill the public with ideas in the sustainable management of natural resources.

The virtual event took place via PGC official Zoom webinar platform from 10.00 am to 11.30 am. 66 participants have registered and 44 participants joined the virtual tour day.

Topics that had been covered during the tour were:

  • Water catchment

  • Water intake

  • Water treatment process

  • Water quality

  • Water distribution/command center

  • Water conservation/water saving

We are so fortunate to have Mr. Nathan Krishnan, Senior Engineer from PBAPP who shared a lot of new information from the water treatment process in Penang to some useful water-saving tips at home with us. Water is indeed one of the essential elements to maintaining stable biodiversity around us so it shouldn’t be taken for granted at all because once we lost it, the impacts will be severe.

Fright not if you missed The Blue Belt, our next Virtual Green Map – The Golden Belt is coming this Saturday (26th September) in which we will bring everyone to the Batu Maung Waste Transfer Station. This transfer station is one of the pivotal facilities located beside the Penang Second Bridge. It functions predominantly as the interface between the waste collectors on the island with the landfill. With a proper waste transfer station, it allows the local authorities to focus on the house-to-house collection, making Penang cleaner and greener. Registration is free and is open to the public. Be sure to not miss this opportunity as not every day you’re lucky to take a good look at this new facility that will hopefully benefit Penang in a long run.

Meanwhile, watch the full version of this Virtual Green Map – Blue Belt series HERE!