Penang2030: Inspiring the Nation

Have you heard of Penang2030 vision? Do you know what is it about?

Thanks to the good governance the state has enjoyed over the past decade, Penang is today well placed to move ahead quickly in the new atmosphere that the change in government at federal level in May 2018 has created. Penang will continue to lead.

We will show the way by relying on the dynamism, the informativeness and the passion of the people of Penang. Setting the tone and the direction for the next decade is an approach - more than a blue print - to policy making that is called "Penang2030: A Family-focused Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation".

Democratising Policy Making

My fervent hope with Penang2030, a vision and an approach that has been worked out after consultation with stakeholders at all levels, is that it will encourage citizens to participate in policy making and to take responsibility for their own future. ” YAB Chow Kon Yeow, Chief Minister of Penang

Getting the general population involved and interested in policy making is really about encouraging them to be proactive and to exercise greater control over their lives. The government's job is to advise, stimulate and facilitate citizen participation, and steer matters towards the common good.

Giving Words to Ideals

Penang2030 takes into consideration the sociological, political, economic and cultural challenges that people of Penang in particular and Malaysians in general now face. It seeks to be inclusive on the one hand, and open ended on the other; it is a platform for concerned citizens to realise their own ambitions and ideas - with the public sector as their associate and not their adversary.

Penang2030 enshrines FOUR THEMES and they are not listed in any order of priority as each theme is equally important.

1. Liveability

The state intends to increase liveability in order to enhance quality of life.

2. Economy

The state intends to upgrade the economy in order to raise household incomes.

3. People

The state will be working to empower people in order to strengthen civic participation. Empowering people will be the hallmark of the state.

4. Built Environment

The state government will continue to invest in the built environment in order to improve its resilience.

Key to the Success

Beyond all the more technical aspects of the project that will be taking on, the key to success for Penang2030 are the following:

  • Involving as many levels as stakeholders as possible in pushing not only for economic and infrastructural advancement in Penang but also for cultural development.

  • Coordinating projects and communicating positive changes and setbacks to the public.

  • Upholding principles of good governance to inspire the nation.

Penang2030 is in many ways my invitation to everyone concerned with the wellbeing of Penang to work with each other and with the many arms of the government, to make Penang a place that is even more enviable than it is already.”

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