Merdeka 2020 – Malaysia Cares

63 years later, Malaysia proudly stands as we celebrate yet another milestone achieved. Year 2020 has been one of a very different to begin with be it for Malaysians, but to the whole world. With Covid-19 taking over the world by storm and many losing loved ones from it, it is important to stand united as a nation to overcome it.

Our frontliners worked tirelessly over the months, clocking additional hours, loosing time with their loved ones to help keep us all safe. For that, we are all grateful. To mark the nation’s effort in combating Covid-19, this year’s National Day and Malaysia Day is themed ‘Malaysia Prihatin’ (Malaysia Cares).

According to Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, Communications and Multimedia Minister, this theme also encompassed the government’s initiatives to assist the people during difficult times which includes economic stimulus package. The accompanying logo’s heart shape symbolised a caring government while its red and white stripes, crescent and 14-point star were inspired by the Jalur Gemilang.

The road to independence for Malaysia (back then Malaya) sure didn’t come easy. We were once under the occupation of Portuguese and ending with British. During the colonial period, people of Malaya struggled and fought hard to regain their right, their land until the year 1957. On 31st August 1957, Tunku Abdul Rahman proudly declared the independence of Malaya by shouting out ‘Merdeka’ seven times at the Stadium Merdeka.

Did you know that the independence of Malaysia was very much different and unique from that of other countries? Why say so? It was a peaceful independence achieved by holding talks with the British, unlike that of those where the war broke out, loss of lives and bloodshed took place. At that time, no other country has ever done that before Malaysia.

Additionally, this glorious moment was realised by three people (Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Dato Sri Tan Cheng Lock and VT Sambanthan) with different culture and religion. Since that day onwards, the people of Malaya promised to renew the political, economical and social structure in order to reduce the gap among the society and most importantly, learning to live in harmony amongst racial and religion differences.

Up till today, amidst the 13th May incident, it is important to uphold the mission our forefathers have fought for us. Though as times passes by, younger generations tend not to bother the importance of independence which could easily cause us to fall pray into superpowers.

Colonisation could happen economically and even socially in certain parts of the country. Hence, every 31st August, Malaysia grandly celebrates the day we regained independence and as Malaysians, we should all stand proud to be part of such historical day. Together we stand proud, together we stand united. Malaysia Boleh!