How to Mask On with Glasses?

2020 has been a strange, eye-opening, nostalgic, and probably the most unforgettable year in history for most of us. From several months of being requested to stay at home, only being able to go out to shop for essentials. With the increasing number of daily casualties in the news and fear of even stepping outside from the house, face masks have become the new normal ever since.

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And for those who put on glasses on a daily basis, you might be familiar with your glasses fogging up when you walk in and out of rooms of different temperatures. This is the same scenario when you have that mask on.

So, how can we deal with this matter?

1. Use soapy water to wash your glasses

Simply apply a tiny drop of soap to both lenses using your fingers and rinse. Air dry or use soft tissues to dry them. Avoid using soap that is formulated for sensitive skin or have some lotions in it as it will not work the same.

2. Tighten the fit around your mask

This is to limit the amount of hot air from your breath to flow upward thus causing the fog. Adjust the band so it contours with your face.

3. Move things around

Wear your glasses farther down the tip of your nose. However, if you have a difficulty to adjust your vision, move the mask up higher while still making sure to keep your nose and mouth covered & put your glasses on top of it.


# Wear mask over the bottom of the glasses

# Pull down the mask below your nose & only covers the mouth

Fogged glasses might be an annoyance; however, it is so much more important to always make sure you’re not creating another problem while solving one. With that in mind, always make sure that you are wearing your mask correctly for protection.

Last but not least, throw away your used face masks into covered bins. While we are trying our best to contain the virus from spreading, please be mindful of the environment too. Let us all change for a better future.