Get Fashionable with WCC Value Shop!

Oh, what? You’ve never shopped at WCC (Women's Centre for Change) Value Shop before? I call it a treasure hunt whenever I visit the WCC Value Shop. Just because there are just so many hidden treasures in there with a surprise to be discovered by everyone!

There are fashionable clothes for female, male, kids and they come in all sizes. Also, you can find books, accessories, household items and a lot more! The best part about shopping in this shop is that the prices are affordable and the quality of the items are good! I love how it promotes the idea of reuse and re-gift, while the profits will be given back to the needy.

Let’s see what others say about it!

“I love to shop at WCC value shop because all their clothes are sold for at least 50% cheaper than brand new ones. And, because these clothes are cheaper, I can afford to buy better quality, which in turn last longer at a bargain! Furthermore, purchasing second-hand clothes also makes me excited because I will never know what I am going to get. Every time I shop, I will be able to find interesting and unexpected clothes to mix & match and turn it into my own style.

Last but not least, it is a win-win situation for both me and the businesses. I get to save money, shop for pretty clothes at a more environmentally friendly way. On the other hand, the businesses get to promote a good cause, which is giving these clothes a second life before sending them to the landfill. With this, it also reduces the amount of waste in our country.”

---Kimberly Wong, Shopper of WCC Value Shop

“The idea of sustainable living with a charitable goal sounded very environment-friendly and

humanity to me. Volunteering at WCC Value Shop since its opening has been a great experience for me. I was exposed to a myriad of tasks – from cleaning the space, arranging and sorting the items, tagging the prices to handling cash machine.

What really made me continue volunteering here is how the shop is not only selling preloved items but also implementing green practises by encouraging customers to bring their own shopping bags, using only recyclable bags for packing sold items and reusing the sold item’s price tags to price new items. The shop also takes the initiative to repair the broken preloved items that we receive so that it can still serve a purpose and do not go to the bin right away. The concept of Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, and Recycle is strongly practised here.

The volunteers are passionate and very friendly! Being part of the Value Shop Volunteer team has made me happier and confident.”

---Renuka, Volunteer of WCC Value Shop

“I’ve been with the WCC Value Shop since its inception in late 2017, and now we have 2 Shops in Penang, one in Tg Tokong, another in Bayan Baru! I am the Chairman of the Working Committee which oversees the management of the shop; the day-to-day operations are undertaken by part-time honorary Supervisors and a passionate corps of dedicated volunteers.

This "charitable enterprise" plays an important role not only in generating a new sustainable income stream to support the work undertaken by the Women's Centre for Change (WCC), but also has created a broader platform for the community to join us in supporting WCC's cause to battle violence against vulnerable women and children in our society. Also from the very beginning, we were resolved to operate our charitable enterprise in an environmentally conscious way.

Our Value Shop is a business that promotes the 3R idea of "Recycle, Reuse, Reduce". All donated goods are filtered properly to ensure a certain quality standard and these pre-loved items are sold at bargain prices for a good cause. It has been a truly amazing experience for us thus far - we have been overwhelmed by the response from 3 major parties and supportive Donors who are the only source of all our merchandise, dedicated Volunteers who commit their time and constitute our "(wo)manpower" for the Shop and of course, our Customers, many of whom have become our loyal, regular shoppers of"value" goods!

We truly thank everyone who has helped take the Value Shop from Day 1 to where it is today. At the risk of sounding "boastful", I would like to share positive feedback from various parties that our WCCVS is the best in this line of business in town! Do come to check us out because our 2 shops may have just what you need in terms of fashion wear or household items!

Why makes WCCVS special? Because it truly is a "feel good", environmentally friendly place with good bargains for everyone who steps into our shops be they Donors, Shoppers or Volunteers. So please continue to lend your support for WCC's worthy cause. Come check us out, continue donating your pre-loved items to us and better still come "playshop" with us; be our "critical success factor" be a VS volunteer!”

---Mariam Lim, Chairman of Working Committee WCC Value Shop, Penang.

If you haven’t heard of WCC Value Shop, now you know about it! So what else can you do?

• Shop from them and give a second life to the donated clothes and pre-loved items!

• Shop from them to save some money for a new fashionable look!

• Shop from them to reduce waste being sent to landfills!

• Shop from them to support community work and give back to society!

• Shop from them to help to generate income for the organisation that focuses on community work!

• Donate your pre-loved items to support the sustainability of the shop!

• Donate your pre-loved items and reduce waste in landfills!

• Practise rethink, reuse, re-gift and reduce.

• Feel good at the shop and enjoy the joy of treasure hunting!

Visit them when you have time! Check out their Facebook for more updates on new arrival and operation hour:

WCC Value Shop @ Tanjung Tokong Branch

Mezzanine Floor, Island Plaza, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Thursday – Sunday | 11 am-5 pm

WCC Value Shop @ Bayan Baru Branch

2-1, One Square, 12, Tingkat Mahsuri 1, Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang

Friday – Sunday | 12 pm-6 pm

*Operation hours may vary from time to time due to MCO/CMCO/RMCO*