For A Second Life

No, you don’t have to throw away everything. There is always a second chance for our unwanted items. Whereas for the hazardous waste, we should never send them to landfills directly as they require a special way for disposal.

Here are a few solutions that you might want to explore and share it with your friends and family members in Penang:


Items Collector / Where to send Purpose


Cooking oil Engineered Products & Services Sdn Bhd Repurpose

Golden Oil Enterprise Reuse

Fatbusta Asia / Pacific Sdn Bhd Recovery

Sustainable Biofuels Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Medicine Nearest Governmental clinics or hospitals Proper disposal

Milk carton Recycle Easy / Tzu Chi Recycle / Reuse

Foil Packaging PWDC @ Komtar / MBSP Repurpose/Reuse

Bubble wrap Owl Bulk Store Reuse

Second Life for Packaging Material FB Group

Parcel packaging Owl Bulk Store Reuse

Second Life for Packaging Material FB Group

e-Waste Zero Waste Network / Riiicycle/ E-llusion Proper disposal/Reuse

Light tubes & E-llusion / MBPP, Komtar / IKEA Proper disposal

Batteries (TUBA)

Paper Zero Waste Network / Riiicycle / Tzu Chi Recycle

Aluminium Zero Waste Network / Riiicycle / Tzu Chi Recycle

Cans & metal Zero Waste Network / Riiicycle / Tzu Chi Recycle

Glass bottles Zero Wate Network / Riiicycle/ IKEA Recycle/Reuse

Plastic bottles Zero Wate Network / Riiicycle Recycle

Beauty product L’OCCITANE stores Recycle


Books WCC Value Shop/ Chowrasta market / Reuse

Tzu Chi / Second Hand Books Malaysia

Clothes WCC Value Shop / H&M Reuse

Pure Lotus Hospice Of Compassion

Salvation Army

Edible food Mutiara Food Bank / Green Hero Give away

Kind-hearted Fridge Project by PKJB

Preloved items WCC Value Shop Reuse/Repurpose

Salvation Army

Beli Nothing Project (Penang & Butterworth) FB Group

Hair Locks of Hope Association Repurpose/Reuse

(15cm above)


Check out these groups on Facebook before you throw anything away. We hope that your preloved items will get a second life soon! Don’t forget, every baby steps you take mean so much to our Mother Earth! So let’s do this together!

Take note:

  • Chemical items such as medicine and scheduled waste should be handled properly to avoid land and water pollution.

  • All recyclables should be dry and clean before send to any collectors or recyclers.

  • Contaminated items such as oily single-use food wrapper and boxes are not recyclables, so bring your own food container if you can.

  • T&Cs apply to different collector. Check them out on their website or Facebook page before you send them.

*Disclaimer: Information provided is accurate at the point of posting*