Waste Category & Types of Operation

A. Recyclable Materials

  1. Paper:

  • Newspaper

  • Used Paper

2. Carton:

  • Carton boxes

  • Beverage carton

3. Metal:

  • Scrap Metals

  • Metal cans

  • Metal caps

  • Aluminium cans

4. Plastic bottles

5. Glass bottles

B. Electronic Waste (e-waste)

  1. Electronic devices

  2. Circuit plate

C. Food Waste

  1. Leftover foods

D. Reusable Materials

  1. Old clothes

  2. Used banners


Types of Operation

1. Collector

The center/ company only provide the collection service on recyclable items/ certain items. Example: circuit plates, papers, plastics, aluminium, cartridges & etc.

2. Processing

The center/ company that provided service after the recyclable items are collected. Example: cleaning & separation processes to be done before the recycling process.

3. Recycler

The center/ company that process the recyclable items into raw materials that can be used for making new products after collect, cleaning & separation processes.

4. Recovery

The center/ company that provided waste management system to reprocess the existing resources into new products. Example: food waste is converted into fertilizer by using food waste converter.